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What Students Are Saying

The lessons were so simple that my sixty-five year old imagination was stalled a bit…  Once I started doodling on the pages, my brain began to activate, and shapes began to take on imaginary forms. It was fun. Each exercise is like a game.  I am doing these lessons in order to help me make the kinds of journals my grandchildren will adore.

– Laurel T.

I love reading and learning about scripture but often times forget what I’ve learned just weeks later. This is going to help me so much to remember specific names, places and facts! So happy I found you! Going to definitely give this a try in my journaling bible!! Thank you!!

– Kelly F.

Thanks a lot for the free drawing course. The imagination exercises were difficult but refreshing. THANKS!

– Guy B.

These activities were all very challenging for me. Your activities were great at getting me to accept what I had to offer. They stretched me a lot! Thank you.


– Jennilyn S.

I love this course so much. And I exceeded my expectations with the exercises. They were fun and helpful. Thank you!


– Leslie C.

“My writing and lettering all looks the same.”

“I feel like I’m drawing the same pictures over and over.”

“I can’t come up with the perfect illustration in the moment.”

“I never know what to write down and what to skip.”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

Whether you’re a beginner at sketchnotes or a seasoned professional, everyone needs a little help from time to time. Sketchnote Academy courses are created to help you get in touch with your creativity and practice the skills you need to become a great sketchnoter.