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Learn to Create Memorable, Shareable Notes

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Sketchnote Academy: Online Course

You’ve come at the perfect time!

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You’re tired of pouring your time and money into learning… only to forget it all after a matter of days.

It’s a simple desire. If you spend your time and money on learning new things, you want to be able remember it. You want to keep those big ideas swirling around in your mind long after you first hear them, and you want to apply the lessons you learn. Furthermore, you don’t want to keep your newfound knowledge to yourself! You want to share this valuable information with others, too.


You want the power to remember content, capture big ideas, and share your notes with others.

Maybe your handwriting isn’t the greatest or your layout got confusing, so in an effort to create something others can (and want to) read, you digitized or typed up your notes… but you feel like something got lost when you translated from analog to digital. Your notes might be legible, but they still aren’t compelling.


Your current note-taking and sharing methods aren’t cutting it. 

Say Goodbye to forgotten stacks of notebooks!

Gain the power to remember content, capture big ideas, and share it with others through sketchnoting.

From novice to knowledgeable.

Sketchnote Academy is the online course you need to get started. You’ll have the opportunity to learn sketchnoting at your own level of interest, from beginner to intermediate. You’ll learn it all from theory and foundation, to skills like writing and drawing, to finishing techniques and sharing practices.


Learn skills that help in other areas of life and work. 

As you grow in practice and confidence in your new “visual thinking” skills learned in this course, you’ll notice how these skills translate into other areas. You’ll be a great listener at work and at home. You’ll notice how you can more easily distinguish big ideas from “fluff.” You’ll be able to help others visualize and communicate their ideas. You might even find that YOU have big ideas you want to share!

Course registration will be open for a limited time once it launches.

Launch date: 2018

Emily Carlton

Sketchnote Academy Instructor

Emily Carlton is a freelance illustrator based in Nashville, TN. When she’s not visualizing the messages of her own clients, you can find her traveling and drawing for The Sketch Effect, a visual communication solutions company based in Atlanta. She has been drawing since she could hold a crayon and sketchnoting since 2015. You can follow her work on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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